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Step into a world of comfort and security for your furry friend with our top-quality dog kennels. Our kennels are designed to provide a safe, cozy haven for your dog, no matter the weather. Crafted from durable materials, each kennel ensures protection against the elements while maintaining a comfortable interior. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, these kennels offer the flexibility to meet your pet’s needs and your space requirements. With various sizes and styles available, find the perfect retreat that promises your dog peace and privacy. Invest in your dog’s happiness and safety—browse our selection of dog kennels now and give your pet a space they can truly call their own!
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About This Collection

Create a Safe Haven: Affordable Dog Kennel

Safety and Security for Your Furry Friend: Provide your beloved pet with a secure and comfortable space of their own with our affordable dog kennel. Crafted with sturdy materials and a reliable locking mechanism, our kennel ensures your pet stays safe and secure, whether indoors or outdoors.

Comfortable Retreat for Rest and Relaxation: Give your furry friend a cozy retreat to unwind and relax in with our affordable dog kennel. Featuring a spacious interior with soft bedding and ample ventilation, our kennel offers a comfortable environment for your pet to rest after a long day of play.

Versatile Design for Convenient Use: Experience convenience and flexibility with our affordable dog kennel. With a modular design that allows for easy assembly and disassembly, our kennel is perfect for use at home, during travel, or for temporary containment when needed.

Find Your Furry Friend's Perfect Retreat

Explore our guide on choosing the ideal dog kennel, ensuring your pet's comfort and security for years to come.

Factors to Consider

Discover the key factors to consider when selecting a dog kennel, including size, material, and design. Our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision tailored to your pet's needs and preferences.

Expert Tips and Advice

Gain insights from our team of pet care experts on selecting the perfect dog kennel. From understanding your pet's behaviour to assessing environmental factors, we'll provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best choice for your furry friend.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Read real-life experiences from pet owners who have purchased dog kennels from our store. Hear first hand accounts of how our products have enhanced the lives of both pets and their owners, helping you make a confident decision for your beloved companion.


Unlock Convenience with Afterpay & Zippay

Discover the easy way to purchase your dog kennel with Afterpay & Zippay, offering flexibility and convenience like never before.

Flexible Payment Options

Experience the freedom to buy now and pay later with Afterpay & Zippay. Say goodbye to upfront costs and hello to spreading your payments over time, making owning a quality dog kennel more accessible than ever.

Instant Gratification, Zero Wait

Why wait to provide your furry friend with a cozy retreat? With Afterpay & Zippay, you can take home your dream dog kennel today and pay for it in manageable instalments, ensuring instant gratification for both you and your pet.

No Compromise on Quality

Don't compromise on the quality of your pet's living space. With Afterpay & Zippay, you can invest in a durable and comfortable dog kennel without worrying about upfront expenses. Treat your furry friend to a safe and cozy haven they deserve.


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We deliver to all states in Australia. Please see below our approximate shipping times once items have been dispatched.

  • For customers in VIC: 3 - 8 Working Days
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Ember Homewares coordinates the shipping of your dog kennel with the utmost care. We select the shipping methods meticulously to ensure your items arrive safely at your doorstep. For added convenience, our couriers are authorized to leave parcels at residential addresses, avoiding the hassle of parcels being sent back to the depot. This authorization is contingent on the courier's assessment of a secure drop-off location. Should you prefer not to have your parcel left unattended, please inform Ember Homewares prior to placing your order; be aware that opting out may result in a re-delivery charge.

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